As members of the older generation our mission as HRTWAM staff is to co-labor with YHWH, our Heavenly Father, to train, equip and prepare the next generation of young people to be strong in Torah and to be wise and capable leaders, with the ability to be bright lights in a dark world.

Galations 5:1 tells us “For freedom Yeshua has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.”  And Galations 5:13 says “For you were called to freedom, brothers.  Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.”

Using Torah principles, through instruction, planned activities and wrap up discussions, it is our goal to instruct and train the teens to rise up as great warriors for YHWH, to follow Yeshua our Savior, to be able to lead, help and serve others for His Kingdom.  This goal can be achieved by walking in wisdom, obedience, and in the freedom of Yeshua, being bold, confident, and victorious over the enemy of our faith.

The Father gave the vision for starting this Messianic camp to Captain Mark Roth in 2011.  Captain Mark saw the need for discipleship and leadership within the youth of the Hebrew Roots Movement. He wanted to provide teens with hands-on-training, along with spiritual principles that would present them with some of the tools they would need to be successful in the Kingdom of YHVH. The Leadership quickly came together and focused on providing something other than the typical missions trip. HRTWAM is different in that while we genuinely support the Orphans, Elderly and Indigenous, our actual Mission is focused on providing the teens with a learning experience and teaching them how to do the Father’s work.

At HRTWAM the program has been developed to walk the teens through the process of fulfilling their purpose by providing them with examples. We follow what is written in scripture for everyone; which is to serve the widows and orphans. Conventional lessons are taught for spiritual and practical application in classroom style, and field trips are taken to practice what has been learned. The teens are instructed by adults who have been walking and living the Torah for multiple decades.  The teens also receive hands-on experience and missions training from Hebrew Roots missionary Joel Sanchez, who has lived in Costa Rica for twelve years, and has worked in almost all of the Central American countries as well as Jamaica and Vietnam.

The program addresses personal growth, teaches leadership skills and concepts, practical business skills and teaches youth how to adjust to and work within cultural differences. With this structure, each teen leaves with an authentic experience they build for themselves, which is personally meaningful. They receive the understanding that their purpose and future isn’t somewhere ahead of them, but rather is inside of them, to be released daily.

We enjoy and are grateful for having many other wonderful leaders in our community who have shared a role in working with and supporting HRTWAM. Many thanks and blessings to those who continue to support the next generation.

Captain Mark Teaching


Hebrew Roots Teens With A Mission is an International Messianic/Hebrew Roots camp for teens ages 15-19. This camp began in 2012 and was founded by Mark & Linda Roth (U.S.A.), Joel & Gaby Sanchez (Costa Rica), and Cove & Bethany Cook (Panama).

Where is the camp located?

This camp is held on the southeast Caribbean side of Costa Rica close to the Panamanian border at Bocuare Jungle Adventure. The camp is situated in the jungle an hour southwest of Limon, Costa Rica.

How It All Began

On a farm in the jungle of Costa Rica, Joel Sanchez was in the middle of preparing for Sukkot 2011 when his phone rang. It was sometime in August, and the voice on the other end says, “We need to do a youth camp down there and it needs to take place around the beginning of the year.”  January was only 4 months and some days away. That was quite shocking to say the least, since we were in the midst of preparing for a large Sukkot gathering in Costa Rica, and the time frame left little time to plan. Holding an international youth camp with campers from the United States, Costa Rica, and Panama was a large undertaking, and on top of that the camp was going to be held in Panama where I had only gone one time for a late honeymoon.  But, even with all the obstacles, it all came together and worked out well. We had help from great folks in Panama in planning and preparing, namely Cove and Bethany (Strong) Cook. The camp was called “Panama Youth Adventure 2012″ and it was a great success with the campers.  I have heard several testimonies of how their lives had been impacted and made better.

One camper has gotten plugged in with an orphanage in their local community and is serving there. This is exactly what we wanted produced from the camp: ACTION!!! In my opinion this was the theme for the camp. What we wanted the campers to see was a different perspective on life, a different culture and a different thinking pattern. Basically, we wanted to move the youth outside the limited parameters that they live with every day, out of their comfort zone or personal bubble.

In the outreach projects we encouraged the campers to get involved and do something that could make a difference. There are times to sit around and talk and discuss the Scriptures, and I’m all for that.  But what we proposed to the campers was to analyze what they were really doing? What are their goals? Where are they headed? What is their purpose?

It is my opinion the campers left with the understanding that they could make a difference in the lives of others, and that going to a study or a service isn’t all that is required in living this life, or in their walk with the Creator of the Universe. It’s about LIVING the Scriptures; not just as a show when others are watching, but living the Scriptures at all times through our thoughts, choices and actions. That was the focus of the camp in Panama, and is the foundation that this camp has continued to be built upon.

Another very important goal of this camp is to train and equip the next generation as examples. An observation of mine is the Hebrew Roots movement  has been very successful in making converts but less successful when it comes to raising up disciples (I include myself, so no finger pointing). I believe we can reverse this and fulfill Y’shua’s command of making disciples, but it must first start in our homes, our first mission field, and then trickle down and out from there.

The teaching sessions during camp are focused with discipleship in mind. A principle used is to teach by sharing our successes, failures and life experiences, and using these experiences to train the next generation so they can be a jump ahead of us.  This can help prevent them from making the same mistakes we made and having to start over like many of us had to do before we finally learned.

It is hard work preparing the next generation to be leaders with character and conviction.  We hope HRTWM will assist the campers and will also encourage parents and leaders.

A personal desire of mine is that this camp be used as a springboard to perfect and equip a generation with the proper tools that will enable them to go forth and fulfill all the Creator of the Universe has ordained for them. For some of our camps we have had Ed Harris and Brad Scott join us as teachers, since they have the Father’s tender heart for our youth.

The name of the youth camp was changed to Hebrew Roots Teen With A Mission (HRTWAM) because there is a mission and a purpose for that mission.