Mark & Linda Roth

My wife, Linda, and I both began the Torah walk as children attending Worldwide Church of God in Wisconsin, USA with our parents and extended families. I have celebrated over fifty Sukkot festivals, and Linda has celebrated over forty. We met at church and were married in 1975 and moved to Alaska where I was a carpenter and then became a commercial salmon fisherman. We had four sons, all born at home (with one born in the wilderness of a remote fish camp) and starting out small, worked very hard together to build the fishing business. I have also built houses, boats, run a salvage yard, and a used car dealership, as well as a trucking company. Each of our sons has their own boat and fishing business. As of December 2013 we welcomed our third grandchild into the world.

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Through these decades of striving to walk the path taught in scripture, we have gone through much training, gone through several church organizations (all Sabbath and Sukkot keeping) and have learned many lessons. I’ve been a children’s choir director, an adult choir director, and a special music coordinator for many Sukkot festival sites with between 150 and 5000 people in attendance. In 2004 I was able to join the work team that sponsors Season of Our Joy, and was able to watch it grow from 250 in attendance to over 700. That is where Linda found Hebraic dance, much to her delight. One of her decisions at Sukkot each year since 2004 has been whether to dance or to sing? They both bring her great joy.

My wife calls me a gypsy, and she’s probably right. The sand in my shoes prompted me to visit Costa Rica for the first time in December of 1999 right before Y2K with some friends and one of my sons. Since then we have made many trips to the beautiful warm country where we struggle valiantly to learn the Spanish language so we can successfully communicate. Through Brad Scott’s web site one Friday evening I learned that there were Sabbath keepers in Costa Rica and got busy making arrangements to meet Bill and Angie Bishop and their son Ben, and daughter Sarah. Through them we met Joel and Gabi Sanchez. We have been so blessed to be working alongside these Hebrew Roots missionaries who have paved the way in Central America and to meet so many of the Father’s believers in Costa Rica who we can share His precious and priceless gospel message with.

The Father caused me to see the need for discipleship and leadership within the youth of the Hebrew Roots movement. In 2011 the idea was conceived to have an international Hebrew Roots teen youth camp where we take the campers and give them hands on training along with spiritual principles that provide the tools that will lead to their success in the Kingdom of YHVH. We have held five camps so far, and look “Forward to the Future,” which is the rallying cry of today’s youth in this movement. For more information you can hear Mark along with three of the campers that attended the 2013 camp talk about their experiences here.

Joel & Gaby Sanchez

In December 1998, I left the world and began my walk with YHVH and just a short time after I began to feel a call to missions.

I was three years into college at the University of Louisiana at Monroe and decided to go ahead and finish. My last year of college I met a good friend, and we began to seek the Eternal Father together. Little did we know what He had up His sleeve!! I was volunteer with Voice of the Martyrs sharing about the persecuted church during this time also.

After six months of rigorous prayer, House of Prayer Ministries was birthed. We were looking for a move of YHVH where people would not just come to an edifice and sit in the pews but take what they learned and apply it in their daily lives.

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After working with this ministry for two years, I was able to move to Costa Rica and move into another aspect of ministry. Crucified Life Ministries began in August of 2004. I was not in Costa Rica very long before I had the opportunity to go into south Nicaragua. I was shocked with what I saw.

Nicaragua is about fifty to eighty years behind the United States. I asked Elohim to burn Central America in my heart and permit me to bring the truth to the people living here.

Since then, YHVH has been faithful and new doors are opening for ministry. We don’t work exclusively in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. We also work in almost all of Central America including Honduras and Guatemala. I have also worked in Jamaica, Vietnam, and New York.

In January 2005, there were some new additions to the ministry, my wife Gaby, daughter Abby, and in 2006 my son Jachin Tobiah and Kyla Hadassah which was born July 2010 as well as Jasper Asher in 2013. They have been a true blessing to me. My wife heads up administration as well as the clothing and orphanage ministry we are a part of and also travels with me when she has the opportunity.

In August 2007, the ministry took another turn as we began discovering our Hebraic Roots and studying the Scriptures from a Hebraic perspective. I would have to say this has really been one of the most interesting times in my life because it has really increased not only my relationship with YHVH but with my family also. All praise, glory and honor goes to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Since 2007 we have been sharing the message of restoration in Costa Rica. In 2011 we founded la asociación Tiendas de los hijos de Yosef, in order to form an alliance of the Hebrew Roots communities and ministries here in Costa Rica. The purpose is to get Hebrew Roots communities working together and setting aside our differences of opinion while working together in the Kingdom for the Kingdom thus bringing glory and honor to the set apart name of our Eternal Father. We have seen some great things happen between communities so far and look forward to what the Creator of the Universe holds for Central America. In 2013 Joel organized the first Costa Rican youth camp as well as 2014 and continues working with the youth group, los jovenes de tiendas de yosef, which formed from the 2013 camp and is currently working in an orphanage in the Central Valley of San Jose.

Our purpose in life is not to preach a good message but to live our lives in obedience to scripture in order to bring glory to the Creator of the Universe and cause those who are around us to inquire about our Father YHVH and His Son Y’shua. I am thankful that Father is restoring not only my family and me on a daily basis to His truth, the Torah, but other brothers and sisters throughout Costa Rica and the rest of the world.

Cove Cook & Bethany Strong

We are Cove Cook and Bethany Strong, living in Puerto Armuelles, Panama for over 10yrs. We are very active volunteers in our community, experienced in all manner of life in Latin America, and enjoy the opportunity to share with the teens our understanding of how to accept a foreign language, culture and people. We have over 15yrs walking together as Torah keepers raising 4 young men of our own, and are blessed by the people who become involved in their lives to help them develop themselves.

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We are happy to give back to others and realize that Today’s Youth are our future, and they are all amazing wonderful people!!! We believe that if we are wrong about doctrines we can change and be forgiven, but if we damage a person in the process, that is not as easily fixed. And so, we focus on what keeps us strong and encourages others on this walk. It is the bond we build within the community, loving each other forward with patience and kindness for all ages. We are privileged to work with the next generation and encourage them to be our leaders. Nomor Togel Hari Ini