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  • I hereby authorize HRTWAM (Hebrew Roots Teens With A Mission) personnel to take my child’s photograph/video during camp or their participation in any teaching/activity sessions. I hereby release the photograph/video to HRTWAM (Hebrew Roots Teens With A Mission) in promotional materials or other official publications:
  • I hereby authorize the HRTWAM (Hebrew Roots Teens With A Mission) to secure medical services as may be deemed necessary for my child’s health and safety. I will be informed immediately of any medical services that are required. I release HRTWAM (Hebrew Roots Teens With A Mission) and anyone connected with it from any and all liability claims resulting from illness, accident, and/or misfortune:
  • Please write a paragraph for us, telling us about yourself, your personal walk with our Creator, why you wish to participate in HRTWAM Camp mission’s trip, what you are hoping to accomplish, and how you hope to benefit from it:
  • The cost of the camp lodging, meals, and activities for all the teen campers is $650. Each camper is also responsible for the cost of airfare to and from San Jose, Costa Rica.
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