Opportunities for Sponsorship


Camper Sponsorship

Although we are asking Campers to provide the necessary funds to attend the Camp, we understand there are times when a Camper may have limited resources. We are happy to announce that we have a Sponsorship Program that can help offset some or all of the costs if necessary.  We do encourage that campers to raise funds in order to make a contribution towards their camp fee.

The cost of the camp is $670 (Room and Board for 10 days). The camp doesn’t cover airfare to and from Costa Rica.

We are always looking for financial support to fund our Sponsorship Program. So, if you would like to help sponsor a teen to attend the next and/or future HRTWAM Camps, please make a donation today.

Other Sponsorship Needs


Funds donated to Missions will be used specifically for needs in the Costa Rican Community, for example: Orphanage, Indigenous, Elderly Homeless Shelter, Community Outreach Projects.

General Fund

Donations will be put into a general fund to be used for additional needs.

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